Acer Chromebooks are snappy, easy to use and inexpensive computers designed for Internet based activities like browsing, email, music/video streaming and so on.

Many good options start at under $200 these days and for that kind of money you’ll get a fully functional computer able to handle the activities mentioned above, which makes Acer Chromebooks excellent for students and anyone else who needs a simple and affordable computer for basic use.

Acer Chromebooks are not for everyone though, as they are crippled without an active Internet connection, can’t run specialized software that works on Windows or MacOS powered laptops, can’t run modern games, and the inexpensive options are not that great at multitasking either. However, there are also some powerful options with advanced hardware and features, and as long as you understand what Best Chromebooks are meant for and their limitations, one of them could be the right laptop for you.

You will find many different Acer Chromebooks listed in stores these days, and some are better than the others. We’ve reviewed most of them and in this post we’ll help narrow down your options to the devices that better fit your needs and budget, based on their features, strong points and quirks.

Best Acer Chromebook

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