This year, a large number of manufacturers introduced new Chromebooks to the market. Asus was one of these manufacturers, and in less than six months, they released three new models. The fact that this is a good thing for the Chromebook as a whole is clear, but it has caused some misunderstanding.

The Asus C425 Chromebook was one of the most perplexing models to be released in recent memory. Just when you’d think that all new Chromebooks would at the very least feature a touchscreen display, they don’t. However, Asus does not give a touchscreen, which is unusual for a device that is not a hybrid, as is the case with the iPhone.

Chrome OS and the Chromebook gained enormous popularity in 2019, and this trend is expected to continue into 2020. This indicates that the Chromebook market is beginning to become a little overcrowded. This is why reading reviews is so important when it comes to making the best decision when purchasing a new Chromebook. As a result, let us take a look at the Asus C425 Chromebook and determine whether or not you should consider purchasing this Chromebook in the year 2020.

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The Asus C425 has a pleasing appearance, which is aided by the use of an aluminum cover. However, once the gadget is opened, the aluminum is replaced with plastic material. When comparing the Chromebook to a gadget that is entirely made of aluminum, you may find yourself struggling since the Chromebook appears and feels a touch flimsy. Having said that, Asus has done an excellent job of making the Asus C425 appear stylish, despite the fact that it is made entirely of plastic.

One of the most bizarre aspects about the C425, which I’ve already mentioned, is the fact that it does not come with a touchscreen display as standard. This also indicates that it is not a hybrid device and that you will be receiving a standard laptop-style gadget. Recently, I’ve been debating whether or not having a Hybrid is really that crucial. Hybrid devices, which allow you to use the Chromebook as a laptop or tablet, have a designated spot in the lineup. However, I believe that you can get the most out of Chrome OS even if you do not have a hybrid device.

In terms of getting the most out of Chrome OS on a device that does not have a touchscreen, I’m not sure how confident I am in claiming that you will. The release of Android Apps for the Chromebook has been one of the primary reasons for the device’s meteoric rise in popularity over the last couple of years. Because a touchscreen is required to get the most out of Android Apps, only a limited number of people will be interested in purchasing this gadget.


You’ll be pleased with the overall performance of the C425 model. This is due to the Intel Core M3 eight-generation CPU, which is responsible for this. It has a clock speed of 3.9 GHz and a base speed of 1.3 GHz, and it is capable of running at both speeds. It will be easier to complete chores that are performed on a regular basis with the 4MB of cache.

Because of the processor, utilizing this Chromebook on a regular basis will not be an issue for you. Whether you’re searching for a Chromebook for typing or an Android tablet for utilizing Android apps, we have what you’re looking for. With ease, the CPU manages to do these jobs. You won’t have any difficulties multitasking either.

The amount of RAM and storage you have is determined by your location. In the United Kingdom, the smartphone is equipped with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. In the United States, you receive the same amount of storage as in the UK, but you also get an incredible 8GB of RAM.

When you consider who this laptop is intended for, a storage capacity of 64GB is more than adequate. Additionally, the Chromebook’s 4GB of RAM, which is available in the UK model, will allow you to operate the device without encountering too many difficulties. The extra 4GB of RAM offered in the USA variant, on the other hand, will result in much improved overall performance.


The show on offer isn’t too shabby considering the cost. Its display isn’t the brightest on the market, so if you’re looking for a Chromebook to use while out and about in the sun, you’ll want to seek elsewhere. As an added bonus, the 14-inch display is equipped with Asus Nano-Edge technology, which results in extremely tiny bezels surrounding the display.

There are 1,920 by 1,080 pixels of Full HD quality on this device, and the viewing angles are rather good. You’ll also receive anti-glare technology, which should come in handy if you’re using the gadget outside during daytime hours. However, even though the anti-glare feature is a welcome addition, the total display brightness falls short of expectations.

If you’re searching for a laptop to use at home, you won’t have any difficulties finding one. If you need a laptop that you can take with you on a daily basis, look no further. If you use this gadget outside in direct sunlight, even with the anti-glare coating, you will have difficulty.


I’m having a hard time with this gadget. The fact that it does not have a touchscreen is the primary source of concern for me. To be honest, I find it a little strange that any company would think this is a smart idea in 2020.

If all you’re interested in is a laptop, you shouldn’t have any difficulties finding one. However, one of the most advantageous aspects of Chrome OS is the ability to run Android applications. Have you ever experimented with Android applications that do not have a touchscreen? It’s not a beautiful sight.

Let’s put it aside for a while. If all you need is a laptop computer, the Asus C425 is a solid choice among Chromebook options. The problem, though, is that you can buy far superior gadgets at a lower price. If I were in the market for a new laptop running Chrome OS today, the C425 would be far from the top of my shopping list.

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