There are huge advantages to using a Chromebook over a laptop or a tablet. In short, the Chromebook fills a niche somewhere between the two, with a bit more power and compatibility with heavier duty computers than a tablet, but the portability and stripped-down simplicity of the smaller device.

Since nearly everything on a Chromebook’s cloud-based, you can avoid clutter and still get a lot done.

That said, not all Chromebooks have touchscreens, giving those that do a serious edge. With the help of a touchscreen, your Chromebook suddenly feels like a convertible, switching from laptop to tablet mode at the drop of a hat — or the pivot of a screen, in many cases.

So, what’s the right touchscreen Chromebook to suit your needs? There are a lot, and Chromebooks vary in price and functionality quite a bit. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best Chromebook touchscreens available at every price point.

Best Touchscreen Chromebooks 2019

in stock
1 new from $1,266.95
in stock
20 new from $439.94
8 used from $311.70
in stock
1 new from $749.99
2 used from $484.99
in stock
1 new from $698.00
9 used from $399.99
in stock
11 new from $288.00
Last updated on September 30, 2020 3:55 am

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