The madness of Black Friday doesn’t just limit itself to expensive items like smart TVs or phones. An affordable device like a quality Chromebook could also see some further serious price dives during Black Friday, making it the perfect time to pick up a true Chromebook bargain.

Keep an eye out, and you could steal a serious deal on one of these affordable computing devices. Remember though: Just because the price is low, doesn’t mean you should rush into a hasty decision.

Lucky for you, we’ve done the research on the top brands this holiday, so you can sit back and enjoy the savings.

Why would you want the best Chromebook as your next computer? Price and simplicity, that’s why. They’re seriously cheap, and super easy to use. While they can’t run full Windows programs, there are brilliant Google web app equivalents that can do everything you need, from writing documents to editing photos in the cloud. They start up in moments and many have all-day battery life.

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