It will be possible to transfer a Wi-Fi password from an Android 12 tablet to a Chromebook laptop in the near future via Nearby Share, which is Google’s own branded version of Apple’s AirDrop.

Over the past several years, Google has been continually adding functionality to Nearby Share in order to make it a more competitive alternative to AirDrop. Nearby Share allows you to transfer programs, files, and other content from one of your devices to another, or to a friend who is nearby. With Android 12, the functionality of sharing a Wi-Fi network from one Android device to another Android device has been improved significantly. This functionality is now being extended to Chromebooks as reported by Chrome Story, who originally reported on it. This will allow Google ChromeOS users to get a Wi-Fi network connection from an Android 12 handset.

Sending a Wi-Fi network through Nearby Sharing communicates all of the information necessary for a Chromebook to instantly connect to the internet – including the network name, security type, and password – to the Chromebook in a single transmission. The two devices – the Android 12 smartphone and the Chromebook – just need to be within Bluetooth range of one another to function properly.

Just don’t expect Wi-Fi sharing to be available for Chromebooks until at least Chrome OS 100 or 101 – which corresponds to March 2022 and April 2022, respectively – at the earliest.

This Wi-Fi sharing function will be first concealed behind a flag in chrome:/flags, similar to the way most experimental features for Google Chrome or Chromebooks are initially hidden behind a flag in chrome:/flags.



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