Document scanning and the ability to create unique camera angles have been introduced to the Chromebook Camera app in a new release.

Along with QR code scanning, camera timers, and other features, Google’s recent update for the Chromebook Camera app adds a few of new ones. You may now modify the camera angle and crop (to save for later use) on your Chromebook, as well as scan documents.

You’ll be able to scan documents and save them as a JPEG or PDF file using your Chromebook’s front or rear-facing camera, according to Google.

Simply hold the document up to the proper camera once in Scan Mode (also usable for QR codes). When you take a photo, the app will automatically recognise the boundaries of your document and complete the scan.

You may now use the Pan-Tilt-Zoom tool to preemptively set up your video angles, zoom, and cropping if you’re utilising an external camera. Even if you transition from a video conference to shooting a video, the app will recognise your settings and will not reset or reset to defaults.

The latest Chromebook Camera upgrade is now available. In early 2022, more capabilities will be added, such as the ability to create GIFs by recording up to five seconds of video.

You can also join the Chrome OS Beta Community if you want to test future upgrades before they go public.



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